About Us

UPA is a well-established Architectural, Master planning and Urban Design firm based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It currently employs locally around 50 highly qualified Architects and Designers, in addition to the required supervisory staff and administration support to form a total of more than 80 employees. URBANISM ARCHITECTURE CONSULTANCY L.L.C (UPA), Abu Dhabi alongside International Associates was built as a gateway to provide the best in Architectural Design and development for a wide range of building types utilizing the highest international standards.

UPA basic objectives are to maintain correct relationship between all aspects of design parameters. By analyzing the specific tasks of a project and assigning qualified and motivated team members within the office, UPA is able to coordinate with engineers of other disciplines and specialized sub- consultants, to respond to the objectives and requirements of a project and Client, in an efficient and innovative way. The wide range of in-house experience of Architects, Master planners and technical staff, alongside the required sub-consultants and advisors, create and develop smart complexes and buildings that balance the aesthetical functional, environmental and cultural considerations with the commercial objectives of a design brief. This is supported by strict quality procedure (UPA is Quality Certified Consultant) to ensure production within the allocated time frames and approved budget.

UPA offers Architectural Design, Master planning, Urban Design, Interior design and Landscaping for healthcare, commercial, residential, recreational, tourist and mixed-use developments. We also extend our services to cover Value Engineering, Site Supervision and Project Management. Along with our associated International high profile specialized firms, we produce a complete solution. Thus, providing our client a one stop station of excellence. The organization chart of office structure with qualification of key staff members provides a clear view of how we intend to execute our tasks.

In the short span of time since its inception, UPA has secured a number of large prestigious projects that will help promote its image and thus expand its portfolio further with support of a collective team of individual professionals along with its associated international and local consultants, has created the required impact of a long established office and therefore has the ability to tackle complex Architectural challenges.


UPA L.L.C had further expanded to create together with an excellent, innovate Architect to form UPA Italia S.r.L in Milan, Italy, to be the station for excellence in Milan, developing the Master planning, concept Design and very high quality Design Development for high profile projects. This station shall carry on the Interior Designs and selections of FF&E to develop an integrated Environment. Similarly, this station shall coordinate with very specialized Engineering solutions for State of the Arts Systems and Products, to complement the high quality works developed by UPA.

 UPA Iraq Branch

UPA L.L.C had expanded its activities within the promising area of Iraq; upon securing some important projects there especially in the fields of Education and Health Care facilities, of Al Qasim Green University in Babil, and Two Hospital Projects in Basra.

The Iraqi branch shall act as the local office of UPA in Iraq to support its activities that Esteemed Country.

UPA Vision and Mission 
 The firm is strictly focused on providing the best service. UPA’s vision is to be a leading built environment-consulting firm committed to the development for high profile projects. Key factors to this vision are:

    • Responsiveness
    • Reliability
    • Protection of the environment
    • Sustainable development
    • Appropriate technology

UPA has a set of values it holds dearly in executing its services, the most important values to UPA are:

    • Excellence
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Determination
    • Professionalism
    • Long-term relationships with clients
    • Social upliftment/empowerment
    • Environmental consciousness
    • Efficiency
    • Team-work

UPA is committed to satisfying client’s need through the provision of thoroughly thought-out solutions on time, within budget and to required standards. To achieve this, we are committed:

    • To providing our client’s a sustained quality of service.
    • To providing total quality, cost effective, professional and timely solutions and products to satisfy the needs of clients.
    • To be a responsive and reliable firm
    • To instil social and environmental sensitivity in UPA

UPA believes in architecture based on meaningful concepts and a collaborative vision.  Architecture can and should rise higher than the basic levels of providing shelter or enclosing space. Excellent design and planning can convey symbolic meaning representing values, goals, and principles esteemed important by project owners and users.  Design concepts are created by weaving the strands of familiar experience with empowering vision, established values with progressive ideals, familiar representation with modern abstraction and memories of the past with a hope for the future. This philosophy generates an architectural tapestry capturing and celebrating the unique characteristics of each client’s vision."

UPA Mission is a provider of total professional consulting solutions in the construction industry. The promoters come with a 25 years experience are recognized as dynamic and highly capable leaders in the delivery of Planning, Architectural Design, Civil & Structural Engineering and Project Management Services.The firm's integrated team approach to planning and design incorporates the key issues of reliability, flexibility, maintainability and security.